Samsung Electronics is just days away from announcing the next generation of its best-selling flagship smartphone, which means that the steady whirring of rumor mill has risen to a healthy hum.三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)将在几天之后公布其最畅销旗舰智能手机的下一代产品,这意味著此前持续大大的传言早已发展为合理的辩论。Earlier this month, we took you through the highlights of the expectations and rumors swirling around the device. Some of the rumors then were almost certainly contradictory, unless you believe the new device could sport both an iris scanner and a fingerprint scanner.本月早些时候,我们讲解了环绕该手机涉及预期和传闻中的要点。其中一些传言甚至是互相对立的,很难坚信新手机不会同时配备虹膜扫瞄和指纹扫瞄两种功能。

But now, with less than a week to go, consensus seems to have congealed around a fingerprint scanner as the next smartphones most dazzling new feature.但现在,距离新品公布还有将近一周时间,外界或许早已达成协议共识–下一代智能手机尤为引人注目的新功能将是指纹识别。Samsung declined to comment Wednesday.三星电子周三拒绝接受置评。In one widely-circulated report, SamMobile, which tracks Samsungs myriad devices, cited insiders who say the Galaxy S5, set to be unveiled next Monday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, will include a fingerprint sensor in the devices home button that does more than just unlock the phone.跟随三星电子各种设备的SamMobile在一份广泛传播的报导中援引内部人士的话称之为,Galaxy S5将于下周一在巴塞罗那的全球移动通讯大会(Mobile World Congress)上公布,其Home键上将加装指纹传感器,功能不仅仅限于手机关卡。Instead, SamMobile reports, the fingerprint will be woven deep into the phones operating system, making the fingerprint an integral part of accessing a number of features. In some cases, the fingerprint will act as a substitute for typing in usernames and passwords.SamMobile报导称之为,指纹将被了解到手机的操作系统中,使其沦为落成多种功能的一部分。


有些情况下,指纹可替代用户名和密码的输出。Unlike Apples high-end iPhone 5S, which allows users to unlock their devices by holding ones finger steadily over the home button, Samsungs version will work in a swipe manner, SamMobile says. This will require considerable dexterity from the user, the report says; the entire finger must be scanned each time in a fluid, moderately-paced, moisture-free swipe.苹果公司高端手机iPhone 5S容许用户通过将一个手指放到Home键上来关卡设备,但SamMobile称之为,三星电子的手机与之有所不同,使用滑动式指纹识别。


报告称之为,这拒绝用户非常灵活,每次辨识都必须手指潮湿,并且要简洁、直线运动滑动。So where does all this leave the eye scanner? Last month, Bloomberg reported that Samsung was studying the possibility of including such an innovation in its Galaxy S5.那么虹膜扫瞄功能将何去何从?彭博(Bloomberg)上个月还报导称之为,三星将研究在Galaxy S5中划入这一创意功能的可能性。But now, Bloomberg is reporting only that the device will feature a larger, 5.2-inch screen with a sharper display, improved camera functions and better integration with Samsungs smartwatch, with nary an update on the progress of Samsungs eye-scahn studies.但现在彭博的报导只是说道,该手机将配备更大的5.2英寸显示屏,更高的对比度,更加强劲的照片功能,而且与三星电子智能手表的因应更佳,但并没提及三星电子虹膜扫瞄研究的最新进展。

And, if all this speculation isnt your game, the end is at hand. Samsung will lay the guessing game to rest next Monday evening.如果你不讨厌猜来猜去,那么答案迅速就要入围。下周一晚间三星电子就将揭露新手机的面纱。



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